Why Doesn’t My Dog Cuddle With Me Anymore

My pet is incredibly adorable, and when I get home, he likes to cuddle with me. A few days ago, I observed that he no longer greets me when I go home. I initially didn’t notice it, but a week later I started experiencing the same problem. Why doesn’t my dog cuddle with me anymore?

I then made a doctor’s appointment and went. She gave me several explanations when I told her about my dog’s issue. I’ll explain to you why your dog won’t cuddle with you anymore.

Why Doesn’t My Dog Cuddle With Me Anymore

When we bring a puppy home, it’s easy to get it to curl up next to us. They enjoy the warmth of our bodies and it’s a cue for snuggling with their mother. Yet, several factors cause a once-cuddly dog to become one that prefers its own space.

If your dog isn’t cuddling you anymore, try not to get too depressed. Pets have unusual methods of communicating with us, and most of the time it’s not for personal reasons. It’s always a good idea to keep track of behavioral changes and try not to let them worry you.

Let’s talk about this briefly.

Dogs Cuddling

Dogs cuddle with their owners to form a close bond and to feel your body heat. When your dog cuddles up to you, a feel-good chemical is released. Oxytocin, a hormone, is also released when your dog cuddles up to you. This hormone is also released during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

This hormone rises in the owners’ and the dogs’ bodies within three minutes after the couple have been cuddling. This is to demonstrate that cuddling has advantages for people as well as dogs. The following are further justifications for cuddling:

1: Friendship

They begin by sniffing each other to get to know their new friend and establish a connection. If two friends get along, they rub their bodies against one another and snuggle to show their friendliness and love.

Dogs behave very differently from people, especially in how they show affection. Dogs want to cuddle and brush against you as humans prefer to hug and kiss. Even they comprehend how people communicate love and affection and cuddle since it is in their nature to do so.

2: Respect

The next element that entices a dog to cuddle up to you tends to roll about, twist, and spin on their backs to give respect. If you own a dog, you’ve noticed this quite often. Puppies believe that when they roll over or turn onto their backs, they are giving you affection, respect, and servitude.

3: Sign of Love

Cuddling dogs has advantages for both the dog owners and the dogs. Because it adores you so much, your dog wants to cuddle close to you. Dogs have a pack mentality and consider their owners a part of their group. They want to hug you to show you how much they love and care for you.

Reason Why Dogs Stop Cuddling

It’s simple to assume that all dogs like petting, but there are several reasons why a dog doesn’t like cuddling.

1: Jealousy

Your dog feels resentful that he is no longer your priority if you adopt a new dog in the family. Also, they are sensitive to fresh scents that remain on your clothing and other belongings. Your dog might prefer to avoid new people and situations while they adjust if they make them very anxious.

Naturally, some dogs behave differently and want your attention when they are feeling envious. This trait depends on each dog and how they react to new dogs and humans on a personal level.

2: Illness

Sick dogs frequently exhibit odd behavior, and hugging them makes things worse. A shift in conduct is always something to be aware of. Any other alterations to your dog’s behavior or schedule should be observed. Examine them for any signs of disease, so take them to the veterinary clinic and get them feeling better quickly.

3: Personality Change

Animals frequently lose interest in certain things and develop a less companionable nature. Young canines go through the developmental stages practically a common practice.

It is disappointing to believe we brought home a loving puppy to watch them grow into a more independent adult. Show your dog’s unconditional love at all stages of development and reassure them that cuddling is always an option, without pressuring them.

4: Timing

When you change your routine, it’s possible that your timing is inaccurate. Dogs crave physical love at particular times of the day. Your dog may confuse if you used to cuddle at night but are now only able to do so in the morning.

5: Boredom

Dogs get restless if they are forced to spend the entire day inside, just like people do. In particular, breeds are constantly eager to let out their stored vigor. There are some breeds, nevertheless, that adore residing in one location.

Energetic dogs enjoy the stimulation, so they eventually get tired of being cuddled all the time. When you wish to cuddle your dog till you release it, you can notice it wriggling or kicking. They are doing this to let you know that they aren’t interested in cuddling with you anymore. Make sure to pay close attention to your dog’s body language at all times.

6: Stress

Do you realize that even dogs experience unpleasant situations occasionally? For instance, you might see your dog trembling in anxiety when you take it to the veterinarian. Your dog feels uncomfortable and agitated in such circumstances. You took it to the veterinarian and restrained it while it received the required injections.

Your dog’s body language will reveal whether or not it wants to be touched. Your dog is signaling “hands-off” if it pulls its ears back and displays a bowed head and stiff body. Some dogs may even temporarily lose their minds over trivial matters.

7: Abuse

Not all pets are born into cozy homes as much as we would like them to be. If you raised your pet with an abusive owner, they might behave strangely around you and other people. Keep a watchful eye on how your family and friends handle your dog.

If they were treated unfairly behind their back, they were traumatized into believing that their home is no longer a secure place. Be understanding with your dogs and consider the persons and surroundings present when the behavior changes.


How can I entice my dog to hug me once more?

Given that he is a little dog, tiny, tiny portions of chicken or fish will do. If he hasn’t already offered it, you should entice him into your lap by giving him a treat but only once he’s in it.

Why has my dog suddenly stopped liking me?

A dog that abruptly loses interest in his group could be going through a variety of emotions, including jealously, anxiety, or depression.

Does age affect how much a dog cuddles?

Because they don’t require as much activity as younger dogs do, senior dogs are more relaxed than younger canines. Your senior dog will benefit from cuddling not just physically but also emotionally.

Which canines are cozier, males or females?

Male dogs are more affectionate than female dogs, and some need human interaction. He could happily continue fussing and cuddling all day long, but you’ll find that it’s you who ends it.


If you want your dog to cuddle up to you put more effort into teaching it to love. Establish realistic goals for your dog based on its personality. Don’t limit your display of love to eating. Always keep in mind that support from others is the secret to success. Your dog will be more willing to express its love if you continue to encourage it.

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