Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

Does your female dog have a foul smell? Does her pee smell awful? If so, it’s a possibility that the scent of her reproductive hormones is affecting her. Why does my female dog smell like fish?

As she grows and matures, her levels of estrogen and progesterone rise, resulting in the odor you’re describing. In the ovulation cycle, estrogen is produce in large amounts and decreases abruptly.

It’s during this time that her scents become more intense as she prepares to set off to find her Mate and attract him through smell. There’s an infection you may have read, some dogs develop urinary tract infections every year.

Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

Many veterinarians believe that the cause is a change in the bacteria living on their bodies as they mature. These are normal bacteria of the urinary tract, but some dogs are susceptible to different types of bacteria.

Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

If your female dog is in discomfort or pain, she could be fighting over-flowing urine, kidney infection, or UTIs. These can be dangerous to your dog’s health and cause more health-related problems in the future.

In order for this type of infection to occur, an underlying bacterium has to be present in your dog’s urinary tract that is able to infect it and cause an infection. The following will help you determine if you have a UTI or other urinary tract problem that needs treatment.

What Is The Smell Of Fish?

When a dog smells like fish, it can be a few different problems. The first problem is that the dog gets into something that smells of fish. However, there are other possible causes for the smell. One possibility is that the dog has an infection on its skin or in its nose.

This is causing its body to produce more sweat than usual. Another possible cause is when the animal eats raw food containing algae or water containing algae from rivers or streams. Lastly, it could be that there is an infection in the dog’s mouth that is causing them to produce more saliva than usual and this contains chemicals or organisms that are causing the smell.

Why Would A Dog Smell Like Fish?

There are many possible causes for how a dog can smell like fish. Some of these causes are medical, behavioral, and genetic. There is also the possibility that the dog might have a fish-skin allergy.

A common cause of a dog smelling like fish is when the animal eats fresh or cooked fish with high amounts of mercury in it (like swordfish). The fish is possibly still in the dog’s system so it will smell like a piece of fish. The odor is usually the strongest when the dog eats fresh fish, but can also occur after eating fried or baked fish.

Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

How Do I Get Rid Of My Dogs Smelling Of The Ocean?

If your pet smells like the ocean and is not exhibiting any other symptoms, chances are it has a common intestinal bacteria called giardia. This is a parasite that lives in the intestines of humans and animals.

Once it gets into your dog’s intestines, it can cause severe inflammation that produces symptoms like watery diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Dogs that drink a lot of or eat raw fish or other foods that contain fresh or cooked fish may smell like the ocean for a while.

There are options for odor control if you prefer to keep your pooch clean smelling fresh and lovely. If your dog smells of fish and has no open wounds or cuts, you might want to take a look at possible health issues as this could indicate a problem.

Some diseases are harder for people to see, but it’s always important to check with a vet if any of these symptoms are present.

What Are The Possible Causes Of This Smell?

One possible cause of a fishy smell coming from your dog might be if the water bowl for your dog is dirty. Another cause could be that the dog has been swimming in bodies of water with high levels of ammonia.

If this particular smell is coming from an overabundance, it could mean that your pup has worms or something else you might want to check out.

Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

Can You Get Rid Of The Smell With Home Remedies?

Sometimes, your dog might smell “fishy.” There are four possible causes of an unpleasant smell:

  • Your dog might have a urinary tract infection. If this is the case, the odor can be more intense during the night. All you need to do is give your dog some cranberry juice.
  • The cause might be something else entirely that is not a medical condition. One possible cause: You didn’t give your dog enough exercise and it could be sweating a lot. You should try giving the animal more outdoor time to help with this issue.
  • Dog Litter Odor can also lead to smelly puddles on the kitchen floor or in your car seats.
  • Sometimes, there could be something amiss with your pet’s diet – maybe they’re eating too much fish or raw food as opposed to cooked meals.
Why Does My Female Dog Smell Like Fish?

Can Your Veterinarian Help You Find Out What’s Causing It And Fix It?

Sometimes your dog will smell like fish. This can be a sign of serious health problems, but it’s not always easy to find out what the problem is. If you experience this, the best thing you can do is speak with your veterinarian. They might be able to find the cause and help fix it.


How can I get my female dog’s fishy odor under control?

What to Do About the Fishy Smell in Your Dog. Call your veterinarian if you smell anything fishy. Your dog might only require having his anal glands manually expressed which should eliminate the stink. Some dogs, particularly those of the tiny dog breeds, need to have their anal glands expressed frequently.

Do female dogs emit an odor of fish?

Moving on, female dogs are more prone to release a fishy odor from their anal sacs if they are terrified or if there is another problem with their anal sacs.

Why does the feminine part of my female dog smell like fish?

Your female dog may be experiencing a problem with the regular balance of yeast or germs in her vagina if she smells like fish. Additionally, it can indicate pyometra or a urinary tract infection (infection of the womb).

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