Why Does My Dog Whine In His Sleep

One of the most gratifying experiences owns a dog.  The one question is “why does my dog whine in his sleep” among their many other human-like traits in sleeping whining. A dog’s whimpering in sleep is purely subliminal vocal communication.

There are a few other reasons, besides dreaming, that could cause this not particularly unusual canine behavior. Sleep is essential for a dog’s cognitive development makes sense that sleeping dogs should be left alone.

Why Does My Dog Whine In His Sleep

Dogs have feelings, just like humans do. They experience joy, sadness, and anger, and occasionally they even cry while they are asleep. Have you ever wondered why dogs whine when they sleep? If you have a dog, you may have noticed it sobbing while it was sleeping, but you’re unable to determine why.

There will inevitably be some whining if your family has a dog. If your dog starts to cry out at midnight for no apparent cause, that requires your attention. Dogs can whine at night for a variety of causes, but most of them are not very dangerous.

Even if it’s unlikely that the issue is life-threatening, it’s still critical to identify what’s triggering this alteration in your dog’s behavior.

Pain or Other Health Issues

Dogs whine when they’re hurt. If your dog whines as lying down, she may experience joint pain or another issue because of her position. She also has some difficulty breathing as she sleeps, among other issues that can cause the whining.

Older or sickly dogs may be more inclined to whimper at night than younger dogs because of their health conditions. Have your dog checked out at the vet immediately if these situations apply to her or if you have a suspicion.

There are other innocuous reasons why your dog whines at night, but there’s a potential that they’re related to an injury/illness. Hence, before moving on to determine the cause of the whining, you should rule out this possibility with your veterinarian.

New Environment

You need to be cautious when caring for a puppy you just got. Puppies need time to adjust to a new environment because the abrupt change of location, meeting new people, and new surroundings make them anxious.

Due to their insecurity, puppies often scream when they are asleep, especially in the early days. They miss their mothers and their previous home, and both of these things cause them to sob while they sleep. Due to their constant need for care, even newborn puppies cry out in their sleep.

They need additional care and love because everything is new to them. Petting and comforting them can assist to reduce their stress and make them adjust to their new surroundings.


Dogs dream as they sleep just like people do. And not every dream is enjoyable. Your dog is likely to start sobbing in his sleep if he experiences a nightmare or any uncomfortable conditions in his dreams. Twitching and whining are two typical signs that your dog is having a dream.

According to a study, dogs also experience REM, or rapid eye movement, as they sleep, which is another sign that your dog is dreaming. Also, if your dog has ever gone through any negative experiences in their life, such as trauma or accidents, they can have flashbacks that fear them.


It may seem as if your dog whines at night for no apparent reason because dogs eat food that doesn’t work for them. This problem may result from giving dogs poor-quality food or substances that they are allergic to or intolerant to.

When dogs eat too quickly, they may experience bloating and develop other digestive disorders that can make them extremely ill. Try switching your dog to a higher-quality diet if you believe her stomach is hurting.

Continue eating things that are easy for her to process and have simple, authentic components. Consider giving her a few days of very bland food, such as cooked white rice and boiled chicken.

If she stops whining during this period, you can be sure her food is to blame. If you believe that stomach pain and digestive issues make an appointment with your veterinarian, they assist you with this.

Anxiety Issues

Astounding parallels between human and canine behavior will come to light. Dogs experience nighttime crying and whining due to worry and separation concerns that can interfere with their ability to sleep. Your dog will feel anxious if you go on vacation he is being cared for by a dog daycare.

Even after you’ve returned, he’ll experience anxiety or separation concerns because he was never able to move past those moments. If your dog needs attention or your touch but you are unable to give it, he will weep at night to convey his feelings.

Calm Down A Whine Dog

Here are some tips that how can we calm down a whining dog:

Give your dog plenty of attention

Your entire dog’s needs if he has anxiety or separation concerns are your undivided time and care. So before you put him to sleep, give him lots of attention by playing, snuggling, and petting him. He’ll be in a serene and consoling frame of mind and gradually break the habit of sobbing while dozing off.

Make his sleeping quarters comfy

Your dog needs a good, soft, and comfortable bed if he is startled by thunder or lightning or if you adopt a new puppy. He will sleep peacefully and soundly because he will feel secure in the knowledge that it is only his area.

Before going to bed, listen to some calming music

Your dog will feel peaceful and at ease if you play soothing music for them. He won’t have any nightmares or be reminded of any traumatic situation in a relaxing atmosphere.

While he is napping, give him some cuddly toys

For a young puppy, this is helpful since he won’t feel lonely because the toy will be by his side. Even in an unfamiliar environment, feeling secure is beneficial.

In their sleep, stroke them

Pet your elderly dog if you notice him sobbing or panting at night because of discomfort or a medical condition. When he feels calm and collected, rub his back softly and stay with him for a while.

If he has a significant medical issue, see a veterinarian

If your dog continues to whine while sleeping due to seizures or any persistent pain, take him to the veterinarian for a checkup.


When my dog cries, what is he dreaming about?

Your dog is most likely dreaming or experiencing nightmares related to a traumatic event from the past or an accident. When dogs experience anxiety in their dreams, they sob.

In case my dog is having a nightmare, should I wake him up?

It is better to leave your dog in that state if you can tell he is experiencing a nightmare by his actions, such as excessive panting, kicking, and flinging his legs around.

When dogs whine while sleeping, do they dream?

Rapid Eye Movement, often known as REM, denotes that your dog may be dreaming, and in most situations, this results in whimpering while they sleep.

Is a dog twitching while they sleep normally?

Dogs frequently twitch while they are asleep. Either they are having a dream or they are twitching to express their feelings. To avoid disturbing them in their sleep, do not wake them up.


During a powerful subconscious event such as a nightmare, dogs are likely to cry, whine, and move around. During the first month after adoption, a new puppy with separation anxiety may twitch more frequently and cry more intensely.

Elderly dogs whimper due to joint problems and ongoing pain that appear as they age. Your dog’s whine while sleeping is not an issue, especially when they are deep asleep and moving into the REM sleep period.

If you get used to your pet’s odd noises and twitching when they sleep, you’ll be able to notice any significant changes. It is a point to an underlying issue or simply a regular part of their sleeping routines.

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