My Dog Wake Up When I Move

Dogs have a strong instinct to protect their territory and their pack, which includes their human family members. When your dog wakes up when you move because they are instinctively trying to protect you.

Additionally, they become alert as a result of your location change because they have become accustomed to your movements. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing, so they simply hear you moving and wake up in response.

Why Does My Dog Wake Up When I Move?

Some dogs learned to associate certain movements with potential threats. A person getting up to leave the house wakes up in response to these movements as a way to protect their pack. If your dog is wake up when you move, there could be a variety of reasons for this behavior.

Common reasons why dogs wake up including hungry or needing to use the bathroom, feeling anxious, and discomfort. It is also possible that your dog is waking up due to a medical condition or another underlying issue.

A dog may wake up due to external factors, such as noise or a sudden change in the environment. It is a good idea to consult with a veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s sleeping habits.

Primary Reason For Dogs Wake Up When I Move

Dogs are naturally gregarious animals that regard you as the alpha dog. Therefore, it makes sense that as you move about; they would want to wake up. Dogs nearly always desire our company. No matter what we do, pets always want to be close by.

Anytime you move, your dog wakes up, either out of pure affection or as a result of separation anxiety. Here are some additional likely explanations for your dog’s actions to understand why he won’t leave you alone for even a moment.

Requires a Friend

One of the reasons your dog wakes up when you move is that he is looking for a friend. He prefers your company to that of other people or dogs in the house. To find companionship, he may stand up when one starts to leave his side.

Breed Type

When their owners relocate, some breeds are more likely to awaken than others. Several dog breeds prefer to awaken by your movements. The point is typical of small lapdog breeds like French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas.

These little puppies come to us as they are companion dogs. Herding breeds that have a strong sense of owner loyalty include German and Australian Shepherds. Sports dog breeds like Golden and Labrador retrievers are bred to be wonderful companions.


Due to habit reinforcement, your dog can awaken when you move. Velcro dogs associate us with happy and pleasant occurrences. Therefore human conduct frequently rewards them for their constant attention. As a treat, we let them sit on the couch and touch them.

You can also praise good behavior with food or gifts and reward friendship with engaging activities. What if you’re pet thinks you’re a source of entertainment? They will likely awaken when you move into those circumstances. He follows you around in the hopes that you’ll compliment or encourage him.

Separation Phobia

Because of separation anxiety, your dog could be unwilling to leave your side. He becomes triggered whenever you leave the pet alone for any period. When you visit your dog at home, some dogs could become agitated. When you are getting ready for work or packing your bags, other people seem to be sad.

Some canines could even try to prevent you from leaving. Dogs with separation anxiety start barking, pacing, or acting out in other unsettling ways after they are alone. When you return home, your dog then jumps up and down and acts like he hasn’t seen you in a long time.

Instructions For Teaching A Dog Independence

Your dog displays signs of anxiety if they only wake up and avoids making eye contact with other people. They might pace or cry if you the source of all their happiness are not present. Here are some additional techniques for teaching an anxious dog to separate from you occasionally.

Don’t Adore Your Dog

It’s acceptable if you don’t talk to your dog all the time or give him lots of attention and cuddles. Teach your dog to pass the time on his own by encouraging like chew toys or dog puzzles. Your dog might pick up on doing these things while you’re away.

Permit Your Dog To Interact With Others

Show your dog that other people are just as beautiful as you. It’s a great technique to assist them in separating from you. Allowing someone else to feed, play with, educate, or walk your dog will help it develop relationships with other people. Even if you live alone, you can still have guests over to play with your dog.

Avoid Rewarding Destructive Behavior

Anxious dogs may do anything to catch your attention, from crying to inconveniently urinating in the house. Making sure your dog doesn’t get treats for needy behaviors is one way to solve this. If your dog starts crying after you leave the room, don’t try to comfort him. If wrongdoing is rewarded, it is perpetuate attention-seeking behaviors.

Place Some Limits

Velcro dogs must keep an eye on you at all times. It’s critical to instill in them the idea that nothing terrible will happen if they lose sight of you. One strategy for doing this is by setting boundaries. A dog will come to understand that even though it can’t see you, you haven’t abandoned them. When you relocate, he won’t always follow you.


Why does my dog follow me after waking up from sleep?

Dogs frequently wake their owners awake because they are bored and eager to go on a stroll with you. More exercise is the answer for puppies with excess energy.

My dog wakes up at the same time I do. Why?

Your dog attempt to wake you if he feels had enough sleep and is awake and ready to go. He doesn’t realize how difficult your day has been or how much you need to rest.

When you move, why do dogs behave strangely?

If you’re wondering why my dog has changed since we moved, it can be because they’re feeling worn out or overwhelmed by all the extra attention the kids are giving them.

What are dogs sleeping with you like?

Because you make them feel secure and at ease, they like sleeping with you. Dogs and their owners form an emotional bond when sleeping together. Dogs have the same love and gratitude for you as you do for them.


The demand for company, commands, and signs in dogs is advantageous. However, continuing to dog wake up when you move is dangerous and annoying. These dogs grow anxious around people or alone, exhibit fear aggression, or exhibit other behavioral issues. You must prevent the situation from getting out of hand because of this.

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