My Dog Likes To Sleep Under My Bed

My Dog Likes To Sleep Under My Bed

Many owners question whether my dog likes to sleep under my bed. The sleeping pattern of dogs is unhealthy or just a poor habit. When this activity becomes extreme, it is occasionally an indication of stress or anxiety.

Dogs adore sleeping next to their devoted companions as it makes them feel safer while getting a good night’s rest. It is not unusual for animals to prefer to sleep next to or at the feet of their guardians. Animals take advantage of the chance to pet, and sleeping next to you is to express their love.

My Dog Likes To Sleep Under My Bed

Why does a dog like to sleep under the bed? They feel secure, at home, and close to their owners in the cool, dark environment that resembles a natural den. They hide under the bed without worrying about stepping on while trying to avoid problems, discomfort, or illness.

If your dog is in an unusual setting, it can start sleeping under the bed all of a sudden. For instance, if you recently relocated or if they become anxious. A disease or physical harm is an additional reason. If there is no other obvious cause, this is probably the case.

Other than the ones listed above, here are some more. I’ll give explanations for why my dog likes to sleep under my bed.

1: Safety and Security

Puppies require some time to use to their new environment, sleeping beneath the bed is helpful. This is especially true for new dog owners. While they act in this way at first to feel safe, as their attachment to their human grows.

They also sleep under their human bed to stay close. Security from hazards such as strange sounds within the home provides sleep under a bed for your dog. If you have other animals, your dog seeks a quiet area where they rest peacefully and comfortably.

An older dog discovers that sleeping under the bed provides them with a sense of expectation. To help them become accustomed to their owner’s routine and prevent loneliness when they want to unwind.

Your pet finds that space under a bed is ideal for their preferred sleeping position, which gives them comfort and security.

2: Sick or Hurt

Your dog may hide as a coping mechanism for negative feelings. They find solace in hiding under your bed when they don’t know why they’re feeling poorly. A visit to the vet keeps on your schedule if you can’t think of any other clear causes. Other indications that your dog is ill or in discomfort include:

  • Growling and snarling
  • Yelling at you or other people
  • Hiding in a place you can’t get to
  • Being sluggish
  • Losing interest in food
  • Diarrhea and gagging
  • Urinating and defecating indoors

Let’s say you notice your dog starts to hide under your bed and act evidently. It’s imperative to see a veterinarian to identify the source of the discomfort. Which is anything from a persistent condition to an injury sustained while playing outside.

Other signs of illness in dogs include vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, and weight loss. Your dog’s sleeping habits vary if your veterinarian prescribes medication to address a problem, affecting when and where they sleep.

3: They’re Afraid

Dogs love to find a hiding place when something threatening is happening. They could like to hide behind a bed or table, for example. Your dog may get scare of anything, including fireworks and loud car alarms.

Every time she heard fireworks, she gives Jake’s dog goodies to help calm his anxious thoughts. Her dog ultimately grows accustomed to anticipating a treat whenever he heard loud noises after enough practice.

Speak softly to your dog to assist and reassure them when they’re scared. Try eliminating them from the environment next. Get them away from whatever is frightening them to a safe place.

4: Hiding and Playing With Toys

Dogs frequently hide blankets, socks, or other cherished belongings or run after toys that roll under beds. They prefer hiding their toys in places they deem secure so they find them quickly when it’s time to play.

Dogs occasionally tuck food under the bed to nibble on before night. Additionally, they like to sleep with a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. This activity is safe, but it’s a good idea to ensure there isn’t stuff gathering thereby checking beneath the bed.

Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, and Poodles are just a few of the dog breeds that like to play, sleep, and hide under the bed.

5: Looking for Food

The reason dogs spend so much time, for instance, under the kitchen table, is frequently simple to understand. In other words, they are aware that food is there. They know they’re going to receive it if you have a dog that enjoys watching you prepare and consume food.

Train them to leave the room while you cook or dine. Give them goodies as a reward, to prevent them from loitering or beginning.

Things To Consider When Your Dog Likes To Sleep Under Bed

Consider the following factors when determining the primary cause of your dog’s behavior.

How else did things turn out when your dog first began to snooze under your bed?

It is beneficial for what else occurred when it first started if it did not constantly sleep under your bed. It’s possible that something happened that made it start doing it. Become anxious as a result of something, such as someone acting aggressively toward it. Because construction work begins outside your home if it started doing it all of a sudden.

What changes if your dog doesn’t snooze under the bed?

It is beneficial to consider when it goes under your bed because the timing may also be relevant. If it does it while you are away, indicates that it is experiencing some separation anxiety. More likely that it does it after working out because it wants to sleep and left alone.


Can My Dog Safely Sleep Under the Bed?

No reason exists why your dog is secure under your bed. If something is change in your house, your dog might feel safer under the bed.

Do Dogs Run Away From Illness?

When they are ill, dogs naturally seek a place to hide and rest. Your dog can succumb to these instincts and look for a spot to hide even if there are no predators in your home.

Why It Is Not a Good Idea to Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

Dogs generally sleep in your bed unharmed. The arguments against this are that dogs can cause allergies in their owners or transmit fleas and ticks to them.


Dogs do so for a variety of reasons. One of them is simply because they feel comfortable and secure in the enclosed space. It’s frequently a comfy area for pets to sleep in. Whether you’re a scared puppy learning to acclimate to a new house or an aging dog in need of a cozy, hidden space.

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